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Artwork Supplied

Disc and file Format Information

When supplying artwork all files should be in PDF format.

We can accept files through 'Hard' media such as Zip, 31/2 floppy, CDs and DVDs. Or Electronic media such as FTP and email.


Please supply everything 'one up'. It is more successful if you leave us to sort out the imposition for printing.

Bleed and text

Images, background colours and fills which are intended to print to the trimmed edge of the page should be extended 3mm beyond the page to give a bleed (to allow for tolerances in the cutting process).

Text, boxes and other areas you need on you finished job should ideally be 5mm in from the edges of the page.

Colour Matching

Colours displayed on screen don't often give a good impression of how something will look when printed. We recommend that colours be specified using pantone colour swatches rather than reliance being placed on screen colours.

Photographs and Graphics

Photographs should be scanned for size at 300dpi and saved as CMYK.


Our service includes laser proofs. However these are not colour accurate and there use is limited to content and layout proofing.

Other proofs we can supply at an extra cost are detailed below:

Indigo proofs

These are both content and layout accurate. They also give a good impression of how the job will look on press colour.

Wet proofs

These are the very best match to the finished job since they are a small run of the fished job on press. We would always recommend a wet proof prior to any very large run of print.

If you have any questions about supplying artwork you can call us on - or email sales@zyan.co.uk.

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